Annual Tournament

Our Annual ALN Tournament, in NW Los Angeles, features local and international champions, brings a crowd of hundreds for a day of sportsmanship and family fun.

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Intra-Office League

At ALN, we embrace the phrase “work hard, play hard.” Our team spirit shines at our intra-office table-tennis league matches, where seven teams battle for the office cup.

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deToledo Jaguars

ALN sponsors the table-tennis team of our local deToledo high school. The deToledo Jaguars are lucky to count Allen Verny, owner of Allen & Sons Table-Tennis, as their coach.

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Official Tournament Equipment: Joola blue Tables, nets, barriers, Nittuku 3* premium white plastic ball wood floor.

Entry Deadline: April 25, 2017, (Online entry). No entry will be accepted after that date.

Registration: For timely draw scheduling purposes, players must register with tournament officials no later then 30 minutes before their first match (phone call is acceptable), or make full payment.

Withdrawal: Prior April 25, 2017. There will be no refunds after that date.

Rules: The Laws of table tennis as published by the ITTF and all regulations apply.

Policies: Players may not enter two events with identical start times. Events with insufficient number of entries can be cancelled or combined at the discretion of the tournament committee. No prizes will be awarded for splits, dumps, default losses or no show.

Play will be conducted under ITTF rules. USATT dress code will be enforced. All decisions of the referee are final.

Open event: Advance 2 players in RR group; playoff best of 7 sets.: U3500

Max rating: 2150

Referee: Jo Tran, CR/IU

Deputy Referee: Bella Livshin,

IU Tournament director & staff: Alan Verny, Dinh Nguyen.

Ratings: On the USATT web site before and on Jan 29, 2017 will be used. Unrated players cannot advance in rating event RR group.

Racket Control: Only ITTF & USATT approved equipment should be used.

Dress code: ITTF regulation dress code will be enforced; light-bottom tennis shoes required to all players.

Parking: In school parking structure.


Proof of membership: All participants must be current member of USATT or ITTF recognized body. Non members or those whose membership have expired must enclose membership fees with their entry forms.


Mr. Stephen Simmonds
Mr. Roman Frenkel
Amulet, Inc.
Ms. Mona Hamzeh
Dr. Jean Newby
Kenneth Topolsky Productions, Inc.

Dr. Marvin Karno
Dr. Simon Burstein
Dr. Morris Soofer
Mr.Alan Geller
Mr.Neil Kuluva

Dr. Marvin Karno
Dr. Simon Burstein
Dr. Morris Soofer
Mr.Alan Geller
Mr.Neil Kuluva


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