The ALN Open – Annual Table-Tennis Tournament in North-West L.A.

Saturday, April, 29 2017

USATT Sanctioned 4-Star Tournament

Official Tournament Equipment:

Joola blue Tables, nets, barriers, Nittuku 3* premium white plastic ball wood floor.

Entry Deadline:

April 25, 2017.


For timely draw scheduling purposes, players must register with tournament officials no later then 30 minutes before their first match (phone call is acceptable), or make full payment . If not, the player’s name will not be entered in the draw. Please be ready to play each match 10 minutes before the scheduled starting time.


Prior April 25, 2017. There will be no refunds after that date.


Ratings from the USATT January, 29, 2017 will be used for qualifications. The most recent rating will be used for drawing. Unrated player cannot advance in rating event RR group.


Eligibility for senior’s events: the end of the year. Eligibility for junior events: the first day of the tournament.

Racket Control:

Only ITTF &USATT approved equipment should be used.


Players may not enter two events with identical start times. Events with insufficient number of entries can be cancelled or combined at the discretion of the tournament committee. No prizes will be awarded for splits, dumps, default losses or no show. Play will be conducted under ITTF rules. USATT dress code will be enforced. All decisions of the referee are final. Player cannot enter more than 4 events per day.


The Laws of table tennis as published by the ITTF and all regulations apply. All matches will be best of 5 sets.

Dress code:

ITTF regulation dress code will be enforced, light bottom tennis shoes required to all players.


In school parking structure.

Open event:

Advance 1 player in RR group; playoff is SE the best of 7set. In the rest of the events advance 1 player in RR group, play off is SE the best of 5 set

Doubles U3500

Max rating 1900

Ratings for 2017 ALN Open Table-Tennis Tournament



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