6 Table tennis tips and tricks

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Table tennis is a fantastic game that challenges player both physically and mentally. Not only do you need lightning quick reflexes, you also need both spatial reasoning and a general knowledge of physics.

Here are six table tennis tips that will have you playing better in no time:

  1. Ball Spin – you need to not only be aware of ball spin but know what spin is on the ball when you hit. Topspin, backspin, sidespin from the right, and sidespin from the left all make a difference in how your ball moves.
  2. Paddle Angle – the angle of your racket or paddle can make a big difference and can help you compensate for the spin that your opponent has put on the ball.
  3. Stay Ready – make sure you adopt and keep a ready stance so that when your opponent serves, you are ready to strike back.
  4. Choose and Use One Racket – do not use rackets that have been loaned to you, instead, get one that you like and use only it to train and play.
  5. Automatic Strokes – practice makes perfect and training until strokes are automatic is one way to make sure you are going to be able to defeat any opponent.
  6. Practice more than you compete – practice is what is going to make the most difference. Practice more than you compete so that you can hone your skills and be ready for any eventuality. Though it may be tempting to practice once a week and call it done, daily practice is what makes the most difference.

Table tennis is a great way to unwind after a hard day, to build skills, and to just have a great time which is what we all need these days. These are just a few practice tips that will help you get the best game you can and come out on top every time.

You can also find some great tips at Megaspin and Killerspin – two great sites to learn about table tennis.


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