Legendary moments in table tennis

Table tennis is a sport that many people know very little about. There are some truly great moments, however, that make it a sport of a lifetime.

Sometimes the shot is so good that both players are left stunned as in the case of a 2015 match were one player shoots the ball into the air and does not anticipate that the point will still be playable. Both players are ready to serve again but the shot comes down and is still in play.

Amazing Table Tennis Shots

Asia is known for producing some stunning table tennis players and many of the most insane table tennis moments. Take Zhang Jike’s competition in the 2012 Olympics. He was aggressive, inventive, and displayed the stamina and determination of a player that truly deserved the medal. Just like the impressive shots that Forrest Gump made in the movie, table tennis is a sport that has the ability to challenge players and really make them think as well as working out their bodies.

There are tons of great YouTube videos of amazing shots that you can watch that are truly something to behold and hard to believe as well.

Table tennis is a great way to pass the time and a great way to have some fun as well.

The Great Moments of Table Tennis


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